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Casa Calma Reflexology in Benijofar, Costa Blanca

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Reflex and Renew

Reflexology is a natural, holistic therapy
Reflexology is for everyone
Reflexology is relaxing- relaxation encourages healing
Reflexology is tailored to the individual and their needs
Reflexology can be used effectively to support people suffering from a range of conditions
Reflexology can release tension
Reflexology is safe

Reflexology is an ancient practice and historians have found evidence of Egyptians documenting a form of foot massage as early as 2500 BC as a form of medicine. Since then this practice has been found to have roots in India, China and latterly, Europe.

It is based on the belief that hands and feet contain maps of our organs, systems and structures and by manipulating certain points on hands or feet, a change can be brought about in another area which is known as a reflex. This type of manipulation can then help to clear imbalances and encourage the body to mobilise its own healing power.

Reflexologists do not diagnose or treat illness; it does not replace conventional treatments.
Reflexology is a complementary therapy and works alongside conventional treatments.

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