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Casa Calma Reflexology in Benijofar, Costa Blanca

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All reflexology sessions are tailored to your needs and can include a range of specialised techniques. I currently offer Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT), Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) and Nerve Reflexology along with standard reflexology.

'Reflexology and VRT appear to help regulate sleep patterns and bring about deeper relaxation. Self-help instruction for hand reflexology can be given to aid a restful night’s sleep.Musculo-skeletal problems, undefined back pain and sports injuries may respond well to reflexology and VRT.'

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Reflexology is a complementary therapy applied to the feet or hands to relax the body and enable balance and healing. There is evidence to suggest that it can assist people who suffer with a range of health conditions including anxiety, stress, digestive disorders, sports injuries , hormone imbalances and sleep problems to name a few. Vertical reflex Therapy can also assist with increased movement and decreased pain for people living with long term health conditions .

A typical session lasts 1 hour (the first session will take slightly longer as a short medical history will be taken and we will discuss your expectations from the treatment). Treatment can take pace at Casa Calma, Benimar, or in your own home. For home treatments I bring all the equipment needed to a session which is essentially a lafuma ( reclining chair), towels and foot cream.

You will then receive a short standing treatment to your feet, or hands if you are sitting. This is called vertical reflex therapy.

What are the benefits of VRT?    VRT’s therapeutic response often appears to be quicker possibly because all the anatomic nerves in the feet and hands (and therefore the actual reflexes) become sensitised when weight-bearing which may increase the therapeutic response. VRT may help intransigent conditions especially muscular and joint issues.

After this short session lasting 5 minutes you will then lie back in the lafuma or find a comfortable position on the treatment bed at Casa Calma, relax and your standard treatment will begin. A cream will be applied to your feet which has been made from natural ingredients is hypoallergenic and has not been tested on animals. No pain should be experienced during treatment but you may feel tingling at points, some people feel warm or cold and many fall asleep! Each foot is worked on separately starting with a relaxation sequence and then the treatment.

After the session you will be given some aftercare advice, some people experience heightened symptoms for a short while before they improve .

Some people have only one session but others opt for a course of 6 treatments which are usually 1 week apart and are recommended if you are trying to address a long term health condition. After that treatments will reduce to maintenance.

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